Whether you are just beginning your photography journey or you are well established looking for some creative inspiration, my newborn photography workshops/mentoring can help you take your career to that next level and reach some of your goals. These are the perfect way to expand your knowledge and confidence to find your very own style.

My Story in a nutshell: Six years ago one of my friends gave birth to a beautiful wee girl. I had never picked up a camera before but was so eager to try. Lucky for me this friend had an entry-level DSLR which was enough for me to give it a go. From there, more mothers in her coffee group were eager for me to capture images of their little ones and through word of mouth this grew over the year. By my second year, I decided to start my business part-time. For the next five years, I worked evenings and weekends alongside working full time at a primary school. This was all new to me; I made mistakes and learnt from them. I was a sponge and tried to absorb as much as I could, practising every chance I had. I would go into each session with a new little goal. I had a passion that continued to grow.


Fast forward to 2019, I decided to make the brave decision to quit my job and pursue my photography full time. That year I doubled my income from my previous job. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made and from there, things have been incredible. This is possible for you too and I would love to help you achieve your goals!



Are you after a bit of advice? Do you have some burning questions you would love to ask? This mentoring session is perfect for just that!

We will chat over video call where you can ask all your questions. Note, there will be no demonstration of any software.

Grab a coffee and let's chat!

ONE HOUR  -  $350

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Let's get together! I can come to you, you are welcome to come to me or we can meet up somewhere. This session we can go a little more in-depth and look at your work flow and post-production. We can run over some basic settings and tools in both Lightroom and photoshop (whichever is your go-to)

THREE HOURS  -  $800


1:1 Mentoring Day.

Join me in a newborn session. You will shadow me as I work through the session answering your questions as we go.

You will be right there next to me. I will explain how I use my light source and why I pose in certain ways. If there are a couple of poses you would like to focus on, I can work with you and walk you through how I would position them. We can also go over wrapping techniques. This is a great opportunity to see first-hand how my newborn sessions run.

You will be welcome to take as many photos as you wish during this session also.

Note: This will be baby and mother only with no family/sibling posing and all posing and baby handling will be done by myself. 


Bring a notepad and take in as much as you can! After the session, we will grab some lunch and chat about the morning. We will then spend 1- 2 hours going through the photos you have taken and how I would cull and select my gallery, as well as touching on a bit of editing.

FULL DAY (9 - 2)  -  $1600

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