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9.00 am - 4.00 pm

This workshop is limited to a maximum of 6 people and is suitable for both the beginner and experienced photographer, looking for some creative inspiration in newborn photography. 

Working with a small group of photographers, I will demonstrate how I photograph my newborns, running through the workflow that I use to ensure a successful session. This will cover a range of poses from natural posing to 'bum up'. I will explain how I work with natural light, and posing newborns simply to get the most out of each and every set up, promoting continuity and flow. 


Meet and greet at the provided studio space will happen 1 hour before the arrival of our first model and our morning together will be spent photographing a newborn session. After lunch is the time for all that is workflow - editing, business and my answers to all your questions. We will finish the day with an editing overview on how I cull and edit my sessions. 

A time and opportunity will be given to each photographer to take their own photos during the workshop (behind the scenes photos are welcomed and encouraged) If you are like me, I find learning through observation is very beneficial and at times necessary. It will allow me to show you in detail the true shooting, posing and interacting flow I create with my clients during my sessions. I walk you through each and every step of a session from enquiry to final delivery.


Bring your camera along with any of your favourite lenses, a notepad, pen and your passion for photography. I hope for you to leave the workshop with some creative inspiration as well as new ideas to implement into your current business to achieve your goals and growth. The workshop will be very relaxed where questions and discussions will develop naturally throughout the day, guiding and maximising learning.

PRICE:  $1400. All coursework, snacks, beverages and lunch will be provided.

A deposit of $500 holds your seat, the fees will not be refunded if you change your mind, however you do have the option of selling your seat to another interested party.


In addition, if you would like to chat about hosting a workshop in your city, please contact me directly:



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