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Aadya - FRESH 48 | Auckland Newborn Photographer

Getting the privaliage to capture this little lady when she entered this world was just amazing. Her beautiful parents have been wanting a little bundle for years. After jumping through all the hoops and trying everything they can they fell pregnant - YAY. There story was so moving to hear which made capturing this moment all the more special.

When I entered the hospital room, I could see straight away the love pouring out of them as they look at their little miracle. She is absolutely beautiful 💛

Fresh 48 sessions are definitely one of my favourites to capture. Theres nothing quite like those fresh few days. So new to this crazy big world.

I thank all my clients for letting me be part of such a special time, being able to capture these moments in a photo that will bring back the beautiful memories. Without you guys, there wouldn't be me. Im so lucky to call this my job!

Contact me to book your fresh 48 session and find out about our packages when you combine a newborn photography session with a maternity, Fresh 48, Baby or Family Photography session.

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