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Fresh 48 sessions take place within the first 48 hours of life and usually at the hospital before you are discharged. These sessions are for families who want all the goodness from their new baby's first few hours of life documented without having the labour or birth captured. You've had a chance to get some rest, showered and hopefully feeling more refreshed. This is also a great time to introduce siblings to the new baby for the first time. Photos taken are a 'documentary' style. You being you, with your baby and family. 


Those first few days are a blur of night feedings, changing nappies, just staring at this amazing little being that grew inside you. Each and every day your new little one will change and grow. I want to capture that precious and intense time with photographs that you can look back on for years.  

It's raw. It's emotional. It's beautiful.


These sessions are an all-inclusive price of $600

This price includes your 30 - 60 min photography session as well as 30 - 40 high-resolution edited digital images via direct download.


A $250 deposit is due at the time of booking in order to reserve your session date. 

You will also receive a $50 discount when booked in conjunction with a newborn session or lifestyle session


Your body will be tender, so please only wear comfortable lounge clothing.  Whether you had a vaginal or c-section delivery, your body just went through an intense transformation.  Please don't put pressure on yourself to get dressed up or go over the top getting ready. This session will mostly happen in a bed, so wearing comfy clothes, a robe, or pyjamas is completely normal and encouraged.  


Dressing baby should be simple: Neutral outfit, nappy and swaddle.  I want to capture that tiny baby's sweet little body!  


If you are breastfeeding, please feel free to nurse during the session. I am comfortable and happy to photograph those tender moments, or if you prefer privacy I can step outside of the room if needed. 


If you are welcoming a sibling, yay!  I love to capture the tender and chaotic moments that are all-things siblings. When a toddler enters the show, all bets are off as to what can happen, but those are some of the best moments of all!  

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